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Anonymous asks: Hi! Your art is simply breathtaking, you have a great talent! I especially love "F a t e", where does the sentence "fate rectifies itself" come from? I'm curios and I hope you don't mind me asking...what does it mean for you? Thanks! ^_^

First of all, thank you so much! I’m really really glad you like my style, and happy you chose that particular painting. I’m kind of used to think that one has to fight against their fears. I even tattooed on myself something that frightens me: it’s to remind myself that I have to keep on doing my best instead of just surrendering. One of my greatest fears is that our fate is already written and we don’t have much choice after all: the red leaves symbolize the natural fading of all things. So, for me, that sentence is useful to remind myself to keep on fighting against the odds, because if anyone has the right to rectify my destiny, it should be me. 

Hope this explanation makes sense, even if I guess it’s probably a bit nonsensical (because it’s very very late and I can’t write in English)? :°D


In Miracle at St Anna there are MICHAEL EALY AND PIERFRANCESCO FAVINO AND NO ONE TOLD ME? Not cool. Nooot cool.

Also, they’re in Italy for real and now I’m grieving a bit. So close and yet so far away. 

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almost human OH MY GOD MY BABY
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entwashian asks: Dorian + hiccups


The first time it happened, Dorian didn’t know what to make of it. It happens when he’s in the car with John, who thinks he’s doing it on purpose.

John tells him to stop it, because it’s getting annoying. “I’m not doing anything. I can’t stop it.” 

When they get to their next stop, John turns to look at him. “You’ve got the hiccups.” 

Dorian doesn’t have a context for hiccups - of course they’re in the database inside of his head, but it’s not something he’s ever experienced

"Hold your breath and swallow three times." John says drolly, rubbing his hand over his knee.

Dorian’s eyebrow creeps up his forehead, deciding to not mention to John yet again that he doesn’t breath like him, but instead does what he says. 

They sit there for a few minutes longer, the only noise John’s boot tapping against the floorboard. Dorian’s breath doesn’t hitch any longer, but he swallows a few times just to check.

John laughs when he looks over, before pushing the door open to climb out of the car. “Told you so.”

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almost human
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It’s Labor Day Weekend!!!  I hope everyone has a fun filled weekend.  We are doing the tweetout Monday.  I know most people are going to have plans so I have a suggestion if you still want to participate.  You can use futuretweets.com to schedule tweets and it’s free.  If you want to include pictures you can use Bufferapp.com  Buffer will let you schedule 10 tweets for free.  I use both for the dailies that I send out since I’m at work


If you’d like to help out every Monday we have a tweet out on Twitter to help save #AlmostHuman. 

The tweet out begins at 8pm ET, 7 CT, 6 MT,  5 PT, and 4 AKDT  in the USA.

IRE/UK  1am, France  2am, Germany  2am 

Corresponding Tweet out times on Tuesday mornings:

Australia – AWST  8am, ACST  9:30am,  AEST  10am

Hong Kong - 8am

Indonesia (Jakarta) - 7am

Japan - 9am

New Zealand - 12 noon

Philippines (Manila) - 8am

The hashtag is #SaveAlmostHuman

We target @FOXTV and @AlmostHumanFOX; the owners of the show @warnerbrostv and @WarnerBrosEnt; the producers @JHWYMAN and @bad_robot .

We also tweet to @netflix, @kellyb (one of the top guys at Netflix)   @HBO, @Amazon, @Hulu, @YahooScreen, etc.

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almost human
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rosenlight asks: every time you reblog AH stuff I have the need to watch it and every time I forgot to, sob (I also ended up supporting every petition just because you are so in love with it)


THANK YOU BUT YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH IT OKAY AND GUESS WHAT I’M GONNA BE STREAMING ALL THE EPISODES AGAIN starting Mon Sept. 8th and every subsequent Monday (with possible exceptions if something comes up), one ep a week at 8PM ET to promote our tweetouts. So everyone should TOTALLY COME and experience the joy that is Almost Human.



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signal boost pokemon
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Hi everybody!

I was wondering if some of you would be interested in purchasing some Pokemon stickers? I had them printed out a couple years ago for a con but I still have most of them and I need to get rid of them 'cause money and no space :°D

So there’s first…

Moleskine commission for rerumfragmenta <3



Chefchaouen, a small town in northern Morocco, has a rich history, beautiful natural surroundings and wonderful architecture, but what it’s most famous for are the striking and vivid blue walls of many of the buildings in its “old town” sector, or medina.

The maze-like medina sector, like those of most of the other towns in the area, features white-washed buildings with a fusion of Spanish and Moorish architecture. The brilliantly blue walls, however, seem to be unique to Chefchaouen. They are said to have been introduced to the town by Jewish refugees in 1930, who considered blue to symbolize the sky and heaven. The color caught on, and now many also believe that the blue walls serve to repel mosquitoes as well (mosquitoes dislike clear and moving water).

Whatever the reason, the town’s blue walls attract visitors who love to wander the town’s narrow streets and snap some beautiful photos. 

Paradise lost, Ed Freeman

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A Mapped History of A Song of Ice and Fire by u/hotbrownDoubleDouble

Un po’ di storia di Westeros


Embroidered brooches by cOnieco

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a lot of ppl seem confused on what cultural appropriation is so lemme break it down

IT IS NOT: enjoying food from another culture, enjoying music from another culture, learning about another culture, or learning another language

IT IS: using another culture as a costume, wearing religious articles as accessories when you are not a follower of that religion, using a race as a mascot, disrespecting religious or cultural practices. 

… oh no, now I want to draw McKirk stuff.

I hate everything.

'Their greatest asset is their greatest curse. They can never be seen. 
Loneliest creatures in the Universe.' -The Doctor

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Bonsai Tree Houses by Takanori Aiba

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