These dogs are from a large kennel in Pozega, Serbia, they were some of the many dogs going to be suppressed but an italian volunteer saved them and other 36 dogs and is now in desperate need of money to bring them in Italy, where they could live in a good shelter until adoption.

They only need 100€ (around 130$) for each dog to bring them to Italy and give them a future. if they don’t find enough money the dogs will get back in that hell of a kennel and surely die of suppression, starvation or illness.

Please, if you can, donate something and share this post, even a little bit can help!

The paypal address for donations is:

You can find the original event here but is all written in Italian, I’m sorry

—- I’m also offering a free lineart of 1-2 characters to anyone who donate 25€ - 30$ or more, just send an email to with the receipt. You can see my works here. ——

I’ll keep you updated with any news. 

Thank you!

please help, also Kiu is an amazing artist you could even get something out of it come on!

Come on guys, if you can’t donate at least reblog. I’m not asking for much, if I posted a fanart I’d get 50 notes in a hour….this? nothing.

The volunteer is desperate, she’s also trying to save 5 dogs from spanish perrera, they all need to get to Italy or they’ll be killed on June 27th. Try google “Perrera” and see what it means to live and die there.

Please, I only ask you to spread the world, it’s really important.

All you need to do, if you can’t donate, is reblog! You surely do this many times everyday, the reblog thing, it wouldn’t hurt to do it one more time!